GSAK files for Cache Machine Databases

Macro Code


Data Files

Nanamio 6/18/2016 Final Draft
Tri-Cities III Final Draft
Whidbey Island 1/2/2016 Final Draft
Quincy 10/3/2015 Final Draft

Installing the macro and using the data files

Installing the macro - Skip the stuff on the macro library and start at step 2.

Using the data files

Macro usage

CMNumber.gsk will read the datafile and put the appropriate stop number into GSAK's user sort column. Sorting on the user sort column will sort your database into the cache machine order. And if your really cleaver you can use the numbers in the user sort column to put numbers in front of the name on your GPS devices. (hint: %usersort %name or %usersort %code)

PhonePrefix can be used when exporting a .gpx file for a smartphone. It puts a leading zero number in place of the single number from usersort. On the gpx export dialog in the cache description box enter %mtag="PhonePrefix.gsk" %name.

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